★Wins★ - Amazing agriculture technology | tips | ticks | learn

Author: Vitaliy Kyrylov
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Amazing agriculture technology


  1. loko
  2. What is the Crop? Corn? I don't see it... :O
  3. iyappan
  4. ما شاء الله
    tres belle agriculture
    bery nice agriculture technology
  5. this is Germany country of technology 👑
  6. can somebody donate agricultural tools for nepal
  7. جميله
  8. ة اريد سوق الو انت
  9. الو
  10. هذا بلتكنولوجيا
  11. slab ku'uruz!!!
  12. ale fajne
  13. german machine the best
  14. super máquina
  15. i need machine to spray the pesticide s to the pady and cotta chilli frame's pls any good machine share me
  16. waw
  17. I'm a big fan of low-till-no-till. I could see one huge problem in this video. Tractors and harvesters have big soft tires to reduce soil compaction, but the trailers have ordinary truck tires for road use. That needs to be addressed.
  18. ملوك
  19. I don't know if I am silly, but what exactly was it doing?
  20. Damn that evil music makes this machine becomes the ultimate earth killer or something .