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CSISA has been involved in dissemination of information on modern farm machinery for better management of energy, soil and water. This video features some of the highlights and operations for Laser Land Leveling, Direct Seeding of Rice, Mechnaical Transplanting of Rice, Zero Tillage Wheat and more...


  1. un viva hermanos indues desde Colombia que inventos tan excelentes sigan así no bajen la guardia ............saludo de parte de Raul Eduardo Andrade desde el Municipio Bolívar, Departamento del Valle, Colombia Sur América, agricultor de Maíz......que viva la agricultura......................
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  4. Thanks .Video was informative.
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  9. It is an interesting video in smart agriculture. The big question is on how do we scale up these good practices. I understand farmers have to believe the new technology before they adopt. We still have a long way to go!