Big Tractor Power's Top 16 Farm Machine Finds of 2016 | tips | ticks | learn

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  1. Cool dud I like it
  2. W
  3. Maybe someday you can come fix our 8640 JD
  4. I don't know why I love the look of those 8100 2wd JD's but I really want one
  5. look at nebraska test. find out what brand. has the best performance
  7. I didn't even have to skip ahead in the video to know which tractor was #1! Allis-Chalmers!
  8. wow
  9. the JD 9620Rs im sure have much more hp and seem a bit larger....idk?¿ #JohnDeere#BUILTINUSA
  10. and were is this taking place
  11. is this urban guys farm or someone elses
  12. love case combines. love the scr and no egr or dpf! using scr only technology aka the bigger exhaust canister the case has better fuel and def consumption than the deere. case also has higher peak power.
  13. Case is better then that
  14. super video
  15. A fine collection of  machines well done.
  16. Correct I DO Man Made Heavy EQUIPMENT Wemen LOVE TOO DRIVE !!!!!!!!!!######😛
  17. great vid!
  18. it does my heart good to see that 4w-305 at the top :D thanks for all the videos! wish i could make videos like this!!!
  19. Everyone is impressive, my favorite is the 9100 two wheel drive JD and the old Minneapolis Moline, Great video.
  20. All of this is in FS17