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Full length documentary film 'Agricultural Machinery - part 2' by Shramajeevi. Also visit for agricultural and rural images and for farming related contacts.


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  11. Very nice equipment.............i think very helpful for hill farming my i know the cost and agency in uttrakhand??????????
  12. Good stuff. I would recommend to try and not to till the soil that much as it destroy your top soil and the fauna on the long term. It will damage your fertility and imply new cost for external,expensive and potentially toxic inputs to remedy to that.
    No till is to my knowledge is the best way to go. With a 1 to 3 seasons to transition. the use of leguminous cover crop as well as machinery that mimic cut and drop like the roller crimper and yeoman's plow to open the ground without disturbing the soil.
    Italy and Switzerland (google "Walk behind tractor")have better machinery for small/medium farmer. It can operate in even hard and stony soils.
    More expensive but last longer with minimal servicing (have seen some that have 30 years of use and passed on into family). A good sized co-operative or a village could afford it and make it profitable very fast. Besides there should be smart Indian industrial and business men and women to set up a joint venture, gradually making it affordable locally and made in India. With over 100 farmers, it is something to consider.
    Keep up and good luck.
  13. " Hence" is an outdated, stuffy word. Instead "so" simple and easy to understand can be used? Check the thesaurus and choose words which are totally appropriate in the context of where it used??.:):):)
  14. The documentaries are very well produced. Lots of information and neatly listed. A few grammatical errors in narration should be corrected for a PERFECT DOCUMENTARY?
    For instance, it is not "less" but "little"....I heard that mistake being made again and again?
  15. can the machine be found in Kenya my contact is give me details on price thanks
  16. Its sickening to view cheap china-made machinery being flogged by indian firms as though they made it. india is a huge pit for china to dump their shoddy products (which of course is superior to that made in india). And china does it with impunity under the crap law referred to as WTO. I made a trip to a spiritual centre in Kerala where I purchased a prayer article (rosary). On examination I realized it had 12 instead of 10 beads on the decade. When i drew the vendor's attention he just shrugged his shoulders and said that's made in china. A prayer article made in an atheistic country? Over here we get taj mahal copies made in china. I bet you do there to!!!!    
  17. Verry good agricultural equipment n thanks for your excellent explain
  18. Thanks for posting I enjoyed your video. Cheers.
  19. very good equipment but how much the price and where i bye that tiller